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Transformational Health Coaching

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~ Take a HEALTH ASSESSMENT to get an accurate baseline of where your health is NOW

~ IDENTIFY your personal health goals 

~ LEARN the 4 Components of Ivy's transformational health program

~ DECIDE if it's right for you

~ Get step-by-step SUPPORT to reach your goals!


- Excellent - Good - Average - Just Okay - Not Great -

Whatever your current reality is, 'Excellent' or Optimal Health is available to YOU.

I have a program with a PROVEN success record, that can help you...
Reach your desired weight​

Increase your energy

Learn how to prepare healthy meals​

​​​AND integrate Habits of Health into your everyday life!

* While eating 6 times a day, NO exercise required *

     This is Ivy's BEFORE photo 2/1/19                                                           Here is Ivy AFTER program on 4/11/19

Read about Ivy's Health Journey:

  • I’ve always considered myself to be in “pretty good” health. Which is to say, no major health issues, only occasional aches & pains, “okay” energy levels, etc.
    Outwardly, I’ve maintained a fairly stable weight (+/- 10 lbs over the decades) with minimal-to-nonexistent exercise routines.
    My chronic fatigue, occasional gut discomfort, and routine insomnia - I attributed to “just being mom to a toddler.”
    My persistent neck pain & limited range of motion: residual symptoms of a herniated disc that I was resigned to having...indefinitely. I ate whatever I wanted, took random supplements (fish oil + various herbs) sporadically. And overall, I thought I was doing “fine.”


  • BUT….I didn’t realize at the time that “not sick” was not the same as “HEALTHY.” Vibrant. Confident. Well-rested. Happy with my body, inside and out.
    My wake up call was a check up in December, and the lab results placed me in the ‘borderline pre-diabetic’ category, with elevated lipids. WHAT?!! 
    That moment, combined with turning 40 this January, led to some huge shifts for me. Yes, age (just like weight on a scale) is nothing but a number.
    But they both can be checkpoints and signposts that indicate when you’re on course, off track, or (like me) simply meandering without a goal.


  • So I decided to prioritize my health, to bring mindfulness to my eating habits, and to shift my focus from ‘getting through’ days/weeks/months...toward driving this ship in the direction of the vision I have for my health. Knowing myself, I needed structure, support, accountability and a systematic approach.

  • Three months later, I....
    * Have Energy to play with my 3 year old after a long day at work.
    * Am 10lbs Lighter, feeling Stronger, Leaner and less drained by physical exertion! 
    * Feel Confident in my body and happy to be Seen by others.
    * Am Present and free of Brain Fog when spending time with my family.
    * Wake EARLY (unheard of before!) and Energized - accomplishing much more at work.
    * Have Eliminated my neck pain!! ← such a freeing and unexpected outcome. 
    * Prioritize eating at consistent intervals, and am empowered by knowing how to nourish my body effectively. 
    * Embody mindfulness in ALL areas of my life, so that my yoga teachings feel authentic.

  • But best of all, I know I am modeling habits of balance, health and mindfulness for my kid.
    Not only by being strong and vibrant myself while parenting her, but also so that she gets to grow up with these habits in place.
    Changing our family lineage of diabetes for her, and all generations to come.


  • This is real, y’all. I didn’t know I would gain as much from this program as much as I did - and I have been so astonished by what’s changed in my life that I’m now paying it forward by coaching others to reach their health goals as well.

  • Thanks for taking the time to read my story. If you are curious and inspired to learn more, I am here for you and thrilled to share it! Send me a message and let’s rock your health and life too!💪🏽

  • In service and with gratitude 💕 - Ivy

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