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          Occupational Therapy Services         

Mama & Baby Yoga / Developmental Group Sessions

Yoga & Consultation with an OT

* Share and connect with each other * Bring questions related to baby’s development

* Learn ways to include baby in your yoga practice at home.
* Benefit from my expertise as an OT specializing in early childhood and infant/toddler development!

* Open to moms and babies up to one year old - crawlers are welcomed. 

* Sessions can be purchased individually or as a package of 3 for additional savings. 

Please contact Ivy for more information and to schedule a session.

OT for Adults

Ivy has worked with adults recovering from surgery, dealing with acute injury or facing debilitation after illness. She is a practiced home health therapist with additional experience in acute care, skilled nursing and rehab settings. Ivy assesses each individual’s movement patterns, helping to preserve strength and mobility during everyday routines.  Clients learn efficient and effective ways to accomplish everyday tasks, with the long-term goal of promoting longevity and optimal health.


  • Quicker recovery from surgery/hospitalization

  • Develop a therapeutic exercise routine using your natural home environment

  • Manage chronic pain & maximize function

  • Adapt desired activities for greater independence



  • Proper physical alignment & body mechanics

  • Joint protection & energy conservation strategies

  • Coordinate breath + movement to strengthen the diaphragm for improved respiratory function

  • Explore mindfulness & relaxation practices to support overall wellbeing. 


Please click below to schedule!
Then print and complete the intake form below

OT for Children

As a former classroom teacher, Ivy has extensive experience working with children from birth-age 18.  She has worked in several pediatric settings, including Early Intervention, acute care hospitals, and private sensory integration clinics.. 

Most recently, Ivy has been employed by the Durango school district, and consulted for school districts in rural western Alaska.  


  • Gain insight into underlying factors that influence your child's development

  • Mobile sessions can take place in a range of locations to better serve your family's needs

  • Benefit from a holistic approach that complements other support services



  • How to achieve age appropriate milestones 

  • Fun & effective home-based therapeutic activities

  • Reflex Integration Techniques

  • Sensory Processing & Self-Regulation Strategies


Please click below to schedule!
Then print and complete the intake form below.

         A Few Testimonials From OT Clients & Colleagues...        

"My son Cayden was born with Down Syndrome and has weak muscle tone. His frequent interactions with Ivy have made a huge difference in his development and advancement of skills.  We greatly enjoyed working with you and would highly recommend you!" 

- Sophia B, parent

"My son Jon was not sitting up, crawling or walking.  Ivy brought different toys that he really liked, and the exercises helped him learn to move his hips.  Thank you!" 

- Jessica H, mom

"Noah had torticollis and related delays.

I never thought we would have an OT as thoughtful and caring as Ivy.  She was focused on Noah and really cared how he was doing.  I learned how to stretch him, and use more playful activities.  His torticollis is now gone and we are almost caught up developmentally.

Ivy is great!"

-Melissa R, mom

"Ivy was very good at teaching families/staff what she was doing with each child.  Being bilingual, she is as good as 3 people! Thank you for your help - I learned a lot from you."

-Margaret Gonzalez

Early Intervention Developmental Specialist  

"My child was born blind and Ivy worked on muscle movement, eating, and language development.  She is a great OT! The activities and suggestions she gave us were simple but effective.  We have seen our child reach for and achieve may goals.  The work we did together gave us a direction and things to do everyday to help my child grow.  I would absolutely recommend Ivy!"

- Marziah, parent

"My child has delays in all areas - speech, movement, cognition, etc. Ivy was wonderful! We worked with the spinning board, cause/effect toys, and may other activities to teach critical thinking and memory.  Ivy got along great with my child, who does not fit a 'typical' diagnosis and is often tricky to work with.  Emily was always happy to see her and loved to 'play' with her."

- Felisha, mom

"Ivy has great ways of working sensory input into therapeutic activities and daily routines. She is full of ideas, possesses well-rounded knowledge, and good problem-solving skills. Ivy easily develops good rapport with families easily, and is also awesome at working on language during our joint sessions!"

-Jessica Rich

Speech Language Pathologist

"Ivy shared many tools and techniques to help our son stay more focused.  We have had difficulty interacting with our own son, and the approaches she shared has changed our relationship with him.  Ivy was punctual and well-prepared for each session with plenty of materials and tools to share."

-Jennifer R, mom

"We were concerned that our daughter wasn't rolling over, or moving between different positions. Ivy was great with Emily.  She gave lots of information, was very knowledgeable, and encouraged us to work with her during therapy sessions.  Ivy was responsive to our requests and the improvements we saw were astonishing!"

- Kieu, mom

"Ivy is a great OT who truly cares about all her clients and does everything she can to help them and their family.  Ivy does a great job at giving parents and therapists suggestions and strategies. All of the things she has taught me over the years (sensory techniques, motor planning skills, etc) have been extremely beneficial and I am grateful. Thank you!"

-Danielle Sandoval,

Early Intervention Developmental Specialist  

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