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Special Introductory Rates, Valid Until 5/31/19

60 minutes - $98                                             90 minutes - $138


  • Craniosacral Therapy: An intuitive light touch technique that balances cerebral spinal fluid in the body, leading to deep relaxation

  • Reiki:  A vibrational energy healing approach that can be performed in person or remotely

  • Sensory Integration:  Proprioceptive input that combines joint compressions and deep pressure touch, paired with head/body movements that help integrate primitive reflexes

  • Rhythmic Movement Training:  Gentle rocking movements performed either passively or actively to release tension and retrain neuromuscular patterns

Private Therapeutic Restorative Yoga

Experience the healing power of Occupational Therapy-Infused Restorative Yoga!



  • When healing an injury and seeking guidance on how to modify or create a yoga practice that supports healing

  • Anyone desiring individualized support/feedback on their alignment in specific poses. 

  • Skilled practitioners wanting to advance their yoga to the next level, while protecting their joints for longevity

  • People who prefer to practice in the comfort/convenience of their own home

  • Those who are more comfortable practicing one-on-one than in a public class

  • Folks who are new to yoga and want to be sure they are getting started with the right foundational skills


  • Private & Semi-Private sessions allow Ivy to best utilize her OT training, tailoring your time with her to meet your needs.

  • 60 minute sessions can focus only on active asana, be mixed active asana & restorative, or be purely restorative - your choice!

  • 90 minute sessions may include one or more of the Therapeutic Bodywork Modalities listed here

  • Clients dealing with an acute injury or seeking deeper nourishment are encouraged to book 90 minute sessions, allowing time to incorporate therapeutic bodywork prior to finishing with restorative. 

  • Private & Semi-Private sessions can take place either in your home, at Ivy's private treatment space, or at Yogadurango (if available). 

  • Please inquire regarding current rates, as well as pricing for larger groups & special events.

  • At least one 3 pack of 90 minute sessions is highly recommended for bodywork-infused sessions to maximize progress toward goals.

  • 3 session package expires 3 months after date of purchase, 6 session package expires 6 months after date.

What previous clients have said about their experience working with Ivy...

"Give yourself this gift of self-care and nourishment!"

"Thank you again + again for your encouragement and spirit as an amazing yoga teacher. 

You have a gift that many appreciate!"

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