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Misson & Vision


Red Monkey Therapeutics supports empowered education, growth, and optimal health.   

Through a range of holistic offerings, Ivy creates a safe container for clients to explore and unwind the connection between physical sensations and underlying thoughts, emotions, and habits.

When we each take personal steps toward better self-awareness and wellbeing,

we are then better able to engage in authentic connection and meaningful interaction with others.

Ultimately, this connection and contribution creates a better world for us all.

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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Ancient Chinese Proverb From Chapter 64 of the Tao Te Ching

About Ivy & Red Monkey

About Ivy & Red Monkey Therapeutics

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Ivy Lau, Owner

Ivy is a registered occupational therapist, yoga instructor & holistic health coach. 

Over her 15+ years of professional experience, Ivy has helped hundreds of clients address a range of conditions impacting their health and overall state of wellbeing.  


BA in International Health & Human Biology - Brown University

MA in Education - Loyola Marymount University 

MS in Occupational Therapy - University of New Mexico


Colorado OT License #3237

RYT-200 - Devi Yoga for Women, Boulder CO

Practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy (trained through the Upledger Institute)

Practitioner of Reiki (Usui Method - Level II) 

Incorporating Bal-a-vis-x and Rhythmic Movement Training Practices


This is Red Monkey.


Ivy's daughter Odessa was born in 2016, the year of the Fire Monkey according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, a sign that represents a clever mind, resilience and flexibility. 


Red Monkey was a gift from her Aunt Nora and Uncle Tony, and he has rarely left her side. 

When she faces a new food or an unfamiliar situation, Red Monkey sets an example by trying it first.


Red Monkey symbolizes the qualities Ivy hopes to share with her clients: 

a faithful, knowledgeable companion with whom to take on life's challenges together 

- with an open, curious mind and playful, adventurous spirit.

Red Monkey
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What previous clients have said about their experience working with Ivy...

"Ivy is knowledgeable and has a beautiful calming presence. Thank you so much!"

-Jessica McCallum

"Ivy provides a wonderful safe + sacred container for deep relaxation + reflection, as well as ease in connecting with other women.  The 3 hours FLEW by!  I feel deeply nourished."
-Anna Rude

"I enjoyed the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and take some much needed time for myself. It made me realize how important it is to nurture and care for ourselves!"
-Kim Barnes

"It's a beautiful practice for whatever you are going through."

-Lacy Archer

"Ivy created a nurturing, safe vessel in which to completely release into my body. I feel like my body, mind & spirit are joined in oneness through this practice today - like I'm at a new Neutral, Zero Point...Whole."

-Michele White

"Working with Ivy is very natural because of her easy-going, non-judgmental nature!

If you are looking for a way to be more embodied and connect with your vulnerability,

I highly recommend Ivy. 

She holds a grounded and gentle energy that helps you relax and be yourself. " 
-Lily Russo

"You need this.  We all need this. 

Don't be intimidated about yoga, or the fear of connection.  It's worth it!"
-Karla Sluis

"This was my first experience with both Ivy & Restorative Yoga, and I must say it was wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable. Ivy is a fabulous facilitator ~ thoughtful, authentic, generous, quick to support every movement for total comfort!"
-Karen Aspin

"Be courageous.

Let the love flow through you.

Surrender to the unknown

of what will become. 

Thank you for this opportunity & sharing your knowledge & wisdom!"
-Kelli Delaney


Contact Ivy to Schedule Private Classes
Tailored for Individuals or Small Groups 

* Restorative Slow Flow *

Slow Flow offers therapeutic movements designed to bring balance to the body and slow the mind.

We will hold poses a bit longer and transition mindfully, allowing the nervous system to relax as we focus on the breath and sensations in the body. The meditative pace creates space for curiosity and deep acceptance of “all that is present'' in each moment.

Drawing from Restorative & Yin practices, this class is suitable for beginners, pregnant practitioners, individuals recovering from injuries, and seasoned yogis seeking to unwind in a relaxed, mindful manner.


Mama & Baby Yoga/Developmental Groups & Injury-Specific Sessions Available
Please click here for more information. 

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